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Other - Personal History
I started programming when I was age 9 with "Logo" on the Apple ][e at my primary school. When I was age 10 to 14 (1983-1987) I did a serious amount of computer programming after school every day, at home, on the apple ][c and created an assembler language compiler (in basic) by implementing features of the best compilers I could find in magazines and some additional features as well. It generated machine code (in hexadecimal) (runnable files).

Also I made a japanese software by using HROUT which was a machine language routine designed to map characters on the keyboard onto graphical bit maps, when you printed a character (eg A) then the corresponding bitmap would appear on the graphical display (HGR or hires graphics), normally it was used for computer games (eg pacman characters etc) but I used it to put in two japanese alphabets (hiragana and katakana) and then it could convert romaji (such as neko which means cat) into japanese characters. Also it could quiz someone on japanese words and their english translation. I didn't translate words between english and japanese because there weren't enough words in the computer's data file for it to be able to translate anything.

Also I made a computer game by putting in a maze from a maze creator, and using various bitmaps as the still images of 'monsters' or enemies that were encountered as one moves through the map (by typing go north, go south, go west, go east, etc).

In 1986 we got an apple ][GS and I created electronic music and put in jazz songs to the computer where they were then played. This was certainly ahead of our time because not many people had a computer that could play music in 1986.

In 1993 I wrote a bulletin board software (BBS) in pascal and I met a guy who hosted the BBS for a while at his dads place in queanbeyan.

In 1986 I did paper runs (advertising materials delivered to houses on my bike) to make some money, and in 1987-1993 I worked at the questacon as an explainer. In dec 1993/ jan 1994 I had a scholarship at ADFA to do programming and stayed on campus at ANU at B&G while I completed the full time 10 weeks work over the summer holidays.

In 1990-1992 I did my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at ANU and spent countless hours doing programming at ANU with many times staying there all night.

I enjoy making money and would love to be a billionaire however I am currently seeking some part time casual work so please do what you can to help me find and maintain some work because my goal is not being achieved far from it!! I have plenty of qualifications, with a master of information technology from UC, a grad dip IT from UC, and a BSc (IT) from ANU. However nowdays I cannot seem to be able to do much anymore and would be grateful to have up to 10 hours/week of work.


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