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The following is a conceptual design for a robot plant which looks a bit like a plant (textures and colours). It doesn't actually move, it just sits on its base. It has a microprocessor built in, and the device can have various things fitted to the ends of its arms, which can be oriented manually and then locked into place. For example it can have a speaker and microphone, and movement sensor, to converse with potential guests. This enables it to question visitors using a simple WAVE file uploaded via USB. The green spheres represent "leaves" and could be replaced by plastic leaves. Its security function is more as a deterrant (an unknown electrical device noted on the outside of the premises).

Shown: 3D view (upper image), and Top View (lower image).

3D Canvas screendump - Robot Plant (3dcanvas 3DC original format, and POV export)

Some Sort of Creation

This is a bit of a scribble, it was created using 3DCanvas. The red shape is interesting because it looks like some kind of flying shape, the rest shows some of the results that can happen from picking the 3d operations at random to see what happens (haha). If an interesting shape is generated then, it could be used as a character or as an item in a 3d room. The AVI file shows these items then moving around (animated), abstractly.

3D Canvas screendump - Some sort of abstract creation - source file (3dcanvas 3DC original format, and POV export) and AVI (video movie)


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