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Music - 2XX

2XX 98.3FM Canberra Playlists for Nows The Time - Jazz - Sunday Fortnightly hosted by Jevan: 25/nov/2007 - 12/sep/2010

To access the 2XX webpage click here. An internet radio stream is available which is accessible from the 2XX webpage that allows radio station 2XX to be listened to via the internet from anywhere in the world.

From 25/nov/2007 - 12/sep/2010 I hosted the jazz program "Nows the time" fortnightly on sundays from 9pm-11pm Australian Time (Canberra, GMT+10) and Mike and Pete West (latter from Queanbeyan) took turns hosting it other weeks. This is a contemporary jazz music program. I used the CDs from the 2XX library (the Australian jazz draw and the other jazz draw). There are enough CDs that it takes about a year before the same CD is played again and even then often different pieces are played from the CD. My first program was on Sunday 25 Nov 2007 and I have had fortnightly programs since then, my last program was Sunday 12/sep/2010. Playlists from April 12 2009 are available here.

I used to come into the station at about 7pm and prepare the following fortnights program until 9pm. The playlist is just a sheet of paper showing which track number, how long the song goes for, what time it will be played, title of song and grouped by CD name and artist. They are separated into sections of 4 songs after which I allow 20 seconds to back and/or forward announce (perhaps not enough time but that's OK I can run over my estimate). Since the program is scheduled to end approx. 2 minutes early and so there is some time for differences. If there is less time than that then I cut out one of the songs from the plan and change all the scheduled times (during the program). Basically this allows everything to be as predictable as possible so it makes it easier for me. At least, I like to have it clear in my mind what I'm going to do the next time the song ends, before I do it.

Other things I have done include: Read announcements about jazz events around Canberra, from folder. Playing of sponsor ads. Use of computer for playing prerecorded material. Playing of promotion CD for various events. Weather forecast for the next few days.

I adjusted the program plan on the spot if anything else is extra added in, easy enough to remove tracks if too much content, harder to choose new tracks to play (unless from the same CDs I've already got out) so I plan for at least enough for the 2hrs.

I had two songs at a time ready, one playing on the left (or right) CD player, and the next one ready on the other CD player. But usually I would have 4 songs from the one CD in a row, so I would skip to the required song when the last song finishes while leaving it in play. That didn't take long to skip to the right track usually only a few seconds so there wasn't much delay between playing of songs. The next track I played was not necessarily sequentially the next number on the CD.

I don't remember whether I used to have it on single track or continuous play mode. I suspect I probably had it on single track mode, if it goes into pause at the next track waiting after it finishes.

One time someone called to say they liked something I played and what was it because they missed the announcement, so I told them.

Image scans of the playlist for the program weeks that were hosted by Jevan are given below. Click on the link to view:

  nows-the-time--sun-2010june6 (final).jpg


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