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Information Technology (IT) - WPF Patterns

WPF Patterns - A WPF Art Pattern Generator

This software written in WPF is designed to generate artistic patterns which can then be saved to a file by pressing PrtScn to take a screendump of the screen and pasting it into mspaint.exe and then cutting out the required image.

Like to try an improve the algorithms? The source code is available as well as install file to install the application.

This software has two main graphical draw areas, the 2D area and the 3D area below it (though it's questionable how 3D it really looks). When plotting using Formula1 it also plots in the 3D area by projecting the plot onto a surface of a 3D sphere by using the x,y coordinate of the plot and determining the z coordinate by using the formula for a 3d sphere of fixed radius, and then converting it back to screen coordinates by using a 2d projection onto the screen. The other options available for the plot include, drawing in rectangles instead of (tiny lines that look like points), colouring in the rectangles, using white instead of a colour, plotting using the whole plot area or just a portion of it (useful mostly for Line mode), and multicolour instead of single colour per plot button press.

The way to create something interesting is just to play with the controls (mainly sliders) then press the "Add to Plot" button, then adjust sliders some more then press Add to Plot, etc until it looks interesting.

It is required to have at least .NET framework 3.0 or later and Windows XP SP2 or later (e.g. windows 7 and windows vista should be fine). If you have the internet on your PC these will automatically be downloaded and installed when you run setup.exe but if you don't have the internet you will need to install them first. Here is the link for .NET framework 4.0 :

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (Standalone Installer)
    more information on .NET framework V4

To install it after installing the above 2 pre-requisites, then click on setup.exe which installs the application as a ClickOnce application. The data files (if you would like to modify them) are created when the program is first executed and are stored in the program's executable folder which is, on windows vista and windows 7:
on windows xp this is:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\LocalSettings\Apps\2.0\somefolder\someotherfolder\
The program once installed will be in the Start Menu and can be started from there.

Here is a link to some better images someone else made, even in 3D in fact. How did they come up with their PovRay code and formulaes is a mystery but there has to be a way.

Some screen images of the "WPF Patterns" software running are below:

sample screen dump 1
sample screen dump 2
sample screen dump 3
sample screen dump 4
sample screen dump 5
sample screen dump 6
sample screen dump 7
sample screen dump 8


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