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Information Technology (IT) - SuperQuadric

IT - SuperQuadric

Tire Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula
Tire in Colour

SuperQuadric is a formula  (original source) used for generating 3D objects from a few numbers that, completely specify them.

Software code has been written using JiggleScript to implement the superquadric. The JiggleScript software can be downloaded here this zip archive includes my superquadric generator script and sample images generated using it.

The things which can be configured are:


Tire Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula

Tire Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula

Spinning Top Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula
Spinning Top

Tire Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula

Bowl Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula

Spider Web Generated Using SuperQuadric Formula
Spider Web

JiggleScript Source-Code (Right-Click and save as superQuadric.jig)

Future Improvements

A moving spinning top, might be generated and made available as an AVI file for download. With JiggleScript and some computer graphics mathematics, this might be possible, more investigation would be needed.


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