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Flying Animals

Flying Animals Game Screen Image - Executable for "flying animals" game, download this to play this free 3D game, it's fun! Extract the zip archive by copy and paste the files to another location, and then double click on flyingAnimals.exe to start the game :)

OpenAL Installer for windows - OpenAL has to be installed for the flyingAnimals game to work. Just run the executable inside this archive and install OpenAL. - Source code to "flying animals" game written in C++ using glut for graphics and alut for sound

Visual Studio Projects


This is a web technology of which, where HTTP is designed primarily for 'reading' and 'retrieving' information or documents, webdav is designed with a focus on both reading and writing. See Wikipedia article

Word Replacement

This is a software for kids where they replace one word with another word in a sentence by choosing from certain options which one is a correct replacement word. The innovation is that it does not tell you which word can be replaced. The software works under windows 7 and it can be used under windows 8 if classicshell is installed in order to view the Start Menu Programs.
Word Replacement Software and manual
Word Replacement and Editor Computer Programming Source Code and FL Studio Music project


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