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Information Technology (IT) - Learning

HTML Tutorial - An Introduction

Let's begin with a basic HTML tutorial. HTML uses XML. XML involves opening and closing tags. Every opened tag must have a closing tag. For example <HTML>...</HTML> the opening tag is <HTML> the closing tag is </HTML>

Review question: What is the opening and what is the closing tag for <BODY>...</BODY> If you don't know the answer to this and need help still, please contact me I'm happy to help. Hint: The closing tag has a less than sign and then forward slash then some letters and then a greater than sign. The opening tag has a less than sign and then some letters and then a greater than sign.

Now download basic-html.txt to your computer and save it as basic.html then open it in firefox or internet explorer or whatever browser you use. Notice the title bar up the top, and then text on the page. Try editing the file in notepad and see if it changes. You cannot use certain symbols such as less than sign or greater than sign in your writing. For the symbols you would use instead, see w3schools html entities the entity name shows what you would type into the HTML file, and the result shows what it will display.

Now let's try making a list of elements. Download the file list-html.txt to your computer and save it as list.html view it in your browser and then try changing the text of each list item and see what happens. You can also add extra list items just by placing <LI>text of item on a line. It is not necessary to have a closing tag for each LI tag, even though strict html requires one. You can put a closing tag for the LI at the end of each line, if you want. Try it and see.

Now load paragraphs-html.txt and save it as paragraphs.html and view it in a browser. Try editing the HTML file and changing the paragraphs or new lines (BR for a new line, P for a new paragraph). See the difference?

That concludes this basic introduction to HTML.


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