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Information Technology (IT) - Kid Vote
The kidvote system has been installed. It is available to try here. Login with user test password test, or user admin password admin for administrative functions.

To install it onto your own server, the source code can be downloaded here. It requires MySql and PHP support on the website. It is necessary to first retrieve the page with $g_createInitialDb = 1; to create the initial database, then set $g_createInitialDb = 0; once it has been created. Also it may be necessary to change "database", "kidvote1" (search for these with inverted commas in the code), as well as

$g_administratorLoginName = "**";
$g_administratorPassword = "**";
$g_testLoginName = "**";
$g_MySqlPassword_externalServer = "**";

which need to be changed as follows. The administrator login name and password is the administrator for the kidvote site (not the hosting site). The test login is a test login to the kidvote site, and its password is the same as its login name. The mysql password external server is the mysql password for the database. The database name is defaulted to kidvote1 but you can change it by searching for "kidvote1", and the connection to the MySql database defaults to "database" but is often required to be changed to "localhost". If you can manage to make those required changes to configure it for your particular web hosting system then you can get it working successfully.


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