Quick Start Guide This website contains things made by Jevan including songs/music, drawings/artworks, writings short stories and poetry, free PC IT software like music maker, science ideas, dance videos, acting concepts, singing and piano improvisation concepts PDF, links to youtube videos of songs Jevan likes, photos, and 3D software examples. Here are some things to look at on this website:

Other things that could be of interest include newsletter archive, and 3d/iclone4. These can be selected from the menu above. Try clicking on the moving birds and see what happens. Also try moving the mouse or leaving it still for at least 4 seconds.

Introduction This website has been created largely out of my interests, it's great I think it's fantastic and interesting and I really enjoy viewing it and it's just as fun to view as it was to make. My area of expertise is information technology (programming or research). The other subject areas on this site are hobbies. I have BSc (computer science), GradDipIT and Master of Information Technology in Software Engineering (2013).

Aim of Website The purpose of this website is to benefit people from some of what I have done and learnt in the past, in entertainment for the arts (things I have made: music, writing, drawings), simple ways to create 3D animations using free software, sample programs (Information Technology), science ideas to discuss and think about and move forward the future so society can advance, and dance and acting concepts for the beginner. The site is a combination of learning, entertainment, and ideas that can be discussed.

My Objective To live a happy and productive life comprising work and social activities.

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14 August 2019

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Website: http://www.jevan.com.au/
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GitHub: http://www.github.com/jevanpipitone

You can use, copy, or download any of my material as long as you add a link to the web page http://www.jevan.com.au