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3D - Various


This places trees and other objects on a grid.

Example output - requires povray
Forester sample output - Trees

Forester software screenshot

Forester Website
forester.bmp - original generated file - forester project used to generate the above picture

Design Workshop

This creates buildings (interior and exterior), and exports in DXF format. The first image is a sample from the provided tutorial, and the second and third images are from using the software myself. It is evident from this what it can do.

Design Workshop - Cottage Sketch

Design Workshop - Start of building a house

Design Workshop - Finished House

house2.dw (Design File) and dxf export, Zipped

Design Workshop Lite
Design Workshop

Imvu chat website

Imvu - 3d chat website At Imvu, characters are put together by choosing clothing items, eye colour, etc. Additional items can be added later such as clothing, pets, furniture. In chat rooms, Imvu characters can be given movements to make (such as hug, kiss, greet) on another person, or expressions to do (such as smile, LOL - laughing out loud).

Imvu Chat Website Screenshot - Chatting with someone

DOGA - Simple 3D Design

In Doga, built in parts are added and arranged to make an object. Then, fixed and moving objects are added to a scene. Motions are defined by specifying a start point (red), end point (red), and the position of two pink dots which indicates the trajectory.

Doga screendump - Making an object - Select Part

Doga screendump - Designing a motion using the motion editor - Contains AVI Movie showing the completed animation - Doga source files

Doga Website

Terragen 2 - Generating Landscapes

Terragen sample render - terragen TGD file and render original BMP

Another terragen render - terragen TGD file and render original BMP

Terragen Website

Bryce 5.5 - Terrain, Sky, Trees, Water and Imported objects

Bryce software screendump- landscape with water, plane and rose - source file and render BMP

Bryce V5.5 and V7 does not appear to be available anymore. However V7 Pro is available.
Bryce Website - free 3d models for bryce etc

Here is a movie created with bryce showing a plane moving across the screen. It is a bit jumpy because I didn't use many keyframes to speed up the rendering. Actually it was less than a second long when I first created it, but I stretched it out to 11 seconds by using Avi4Bmp to created a bmp containing all of the frames and then convert that bmp back to an AVI again (but at only 1FPS instead of 25FPS), I used microsoft paint to open the bmp and figure out the dimensions of one frame by changing the width and height (under image/attributes) until it only just fit. That was in fact at 864 (width) x 577 (height). Then I used Moyea Video4Web Converter to convert the AVI to a FLV, and mediaplayer.swf to play the FLV using browser flash technology (many browsers have this installed and if it's not installed it can be)

Box and CD

3D box/package online was used to make a 3d box and cd, see below. The images used are photos that were taken by me (Jevan).

cat on box
cat on cd

Ivy Generator

A house object was taken and ivy was grown on it using ivy generator the original house object (in wavefront .OBJ format) is here . The only problem with this software I found was that the OBJ file exported from the ivy generator did not contain the house, only the ivy, so it was hard to try and combine the ivy and the rotated house. Also it was necessary to save a rotated house from the original house so that the ivy would grow in the correct direction for "up".

house with ivy

ivy generator software showing house

MakeTree for Povray

MakeTree is a PovRay script and example scripts to generate trees. The example images that were generated are given below. The only thing with PovRay is it does not output a VRML 3d object/scene - povray is for generating renders of 3d objects/scenes. More information about the maketree software is available here

house with ivy

house with ivy

house with ivy

house with ivy

house with ivy

house with ivy

house with ivy


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