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3D - Three

3D in the browser using three.js Demo

Hold down the left mouse button and see what happens.

The WW2 plane from colacola in OBJ format and with the texture JPG, was loaded into blender and separated into propeller and plane-without-propeller. The propeller was transformed so that it lines up its pivot point with 0,0,0 so that it can later be rotated, this involved transforming by x 0.01300, y 1.65880, z -0.86700 (press N in blender to display the window to change this).

Then the propeller and plane-without-propeller was loaded into the browser using the three 3d browser javascript utility. The plane displays and moves and has the material applied. It was found that to get the material to work it was necessary to use THREE.MeshBasicMaterial, instead of applying a texture. It is unclear as to the purpose of the bump image and whether it could be used. The propeller rotates and the plane moves across the screen, and while the mouse is held down it rotates faster and the plane moves faster.

The code that rotates the propeller is: propeller.rotation.z += propellerIncrement;
The source code for this page is available for anyone who likes to see how it works.


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