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3D - Flare 3D

Flare3D Demos compiled using flashdevelop

View all the demo tests here they are great. Please only open one demo at a time, otherwise your computer will slow down a lot and also it takes a while to load the resources for each one over the internet. Be patient, the screen may be blank or have no 3d objects on it until it has loaded the resources.

Test1 - Viewing a Vehicle from all angles
Test4 - Driving a Vehicle
Test5 - Driving a Vehicle (car in first person i.e. stays at bottom of screen)
Test6 - Man Walking or Running
Test8 - Coloured Particles
Test9 - Navigate in a 3D Map
Test15 - Rotating Planet
Test16 - Woman, Dog, and Dragon Moving
Test32 - Panorama of Mountains & Water

You need at least V11 of adobe flash player to display the above examples. Here you can check adobe flash player version. After checking your version if it is not at least V11 (e.g. then here you can download latest adobe flash player. You may wish to untick the "Mcafee Security Scan Plus" box on the download page.

Installation instructions for Flare3D and FlashDevelop are available if you want to install the free development environment to modify the examples and create your own. Flare3D uses Stage3D of adobe flash player. FlashDevelop is a development IDE supporting Flare3D.

Instructions for getting Flare3D programming development environment to work are as follows. These steps have been written by myself in June 2012 when I tried to install Flare3D & FlashDevelop and it works. It's not necessary to do these steps below to view the examples above, only if you want to modify the source code of the example programs for Flare3D.

  1. Install java runtime (minimum V1.6)
    You can check what version of JRE you are running at and

    I have installed Java 7 Update 5 and Java 7 Update 5 (64bit), this is reported by the javatester link as java 1.7.0_05.

    Unfortunately the 64bit version does not work. I got the 64 bit version from:

    It's supposed to be "Windows x86 Offline" or "Windows x64" depending on whether you have a 64 or 32 bit processor. I picked windows x64. However it didn't work when I tried testing for java with the and links above.

    If you want java to work I suggest you go to the link above where it says "testjava.jsp" and if java is not installed it will give you a link you can click to install the latest version. Using the link seems to cause java to work with both the and testing of java. It also installs JavaFX 2.1.1 (not sure if this is needed for anything).

    So in summary for this step, use the following link: to test for and install java.

  2. Install FlashDevelop

    Accept default of installing Flex SDK and Air SDK (it will download and install these).

  3. Install flashplayer
  4. Get Flare3D 2.5.17b Beta (for educational and non commercial purposes only) or whatever the latest version is.

    Click on the blue download button, then click on one of the forum topics for the latest beta release, which will have the download link for example

    Unzip downloaded files to a folder on your hard disk for example C:\Program Files (x86)\3D\Flare3D\

  5. Start FlashDevelop software
    1. Open flare3d.as3proj (this file is in the Flare3D folder you extracted to)
    2. Right click on "flare3d (AS3)" in the project window and select Properties
    3. In "output" tab, under "Platform", select "Flash Player" and version "11.0"
    4. In "output" tab, under "Test Project" select "Play: External Player" then click OK.
    5. In "SDK" tab under "Installed SDK(s)" select "Default (Flex 4.6.0, AIR 3.2) (if not already selected). Then click OK.
    6. In project window where file names are listed, click on the + next to "lib" then right click on Flare3D_2.5.17b_Beta_Trial.swc and click on "Add to Library" so that is shows a tick there if you check it again.

  6. Now that setup is completed then it should be possible to run the examples.
    1. In the project window click on the + next to "examples" and then right click on and select "Document Class"
    2. From the menu select Project/Test Project.
    3. The project should compile and run
    4. Repeat for any other example project to try out
Then (optional) can try modifying the code and running it again and see what happens.


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